Felicity Janene

Artist Portfolio

Using line, color, and atmospheric perspective in my portraiture and landscapes I explore femininity. I find conflict and confusion in the frivolous impersonality with which women are often portrayed. Objectification prevalent in contemporary American culture and mass media suggests female expendability and undermines the organic nature of feminine qualities. Under such conditions I find it necessary to open the conversation of traditional and implied feminine roles and the negativity which often shadows behind them along with the masculine personality shelter arising for need of autonomy. 

I explore personal experiences with memory and dreamscapes as well as attempt to capture the emotions of powerful femininity through portraiture.  

With all my work I start with a lack of control, staining the canvas and using the expressiveness of paint, only after which do I respond. I feel this process exposes psychological inconsistencies as well as the paradoxes of female expectations. By construing reality I hope to create a deeper and more personal truth, capturing the inner essence of old world femininity.